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In line with Hultafors Group’s commitment to contribute to a better society long-term, we have decided to give this year’s Christmas gifts for Group functions to two charity organizations.

2017 is now soon coming to an end, and it will be the best year ever for Hultafors Group. Our long-lasting quality products stand for maybe the most important element in making our world more sustainable – reducing the need for replacing low quality products.

This year, we have decided to further increase our focus on sustainability to really make sure we are actively reducing our own footprint and making a positive impact on the world we live in. In line with this, Group Management has decided to donate the money for Christmas gifts for Group functions to WaterAid and The Hunger Project this year.

WaterAid works to improve water assets and operates in some of the world’s poorest and most marginalized societies. The objective is for people everywhere to have clean water, hygiene and sanitation by the year 2030. The organization works with local partners, technical solutions and advocacy so that decision-makers will prioritize initiatives for water, sanitation and hygiene. Please read more on

The Hunger Project is a global movement aiming to end hunger in Africa, Asia and Latin America by empowering local people to create lasting society-wide process. The organization helps women and men become agents of their own development overcoming hunger and poverty. Please read more on


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